Autistic Artist

Welcome to my site. Here you can find links to my music, visit my blog and see the latest updates.

If music be the food of love; I’ll have a cheese butty! Music is a very powerful tool. It’s a universal language. You can play music to anyone; anywhere in the world and they will understand it. Even if it’s in a completely different language. I personally don’t know Swahili; but I understand the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo with Paul Weller. It’s a great tool. Often I can express myself in music or in words in a way I never could with face to face social interaction. Here in is the autism element and hence the name!! Autistic Artist! I express myself through the medium of art. Art in the broadest possible term. The ‘arts’ music and writing is what I use. In the literal sense I can’t draw, paint or anything that art like to save my life! That is a literal autism minefield in itself that last sentence! I know the answer is 42…….but sometimes it can be 24.

“One and one is two; but in my head it’s four”