Self Isolation

In this current climate we are all self-isolating. Well some are some are just under ‘staying at home’

It’s a bizarre time, and a new world for everyone. However having autism it presents different situations completely. I speak for myself here……not the preverbal ‘we’. One thing the 12 steps teaches you is never ‘say we when you mean I’ a great life lesson indeed.

There is actually both positive and negatives to all this to someone like myself during this current situation. I will try to explain this best I can.

Firstly the positive. There are at the moment a very certain set of ‘rules’. A set of does and do nots. A specified reason why you should be leaving the house. A specified distance you need to stand away from someone. These are normally the things someone like myself tries so so hard to try and do in this ‘normo’ world in which I live. Observe my distance; why am I going out? Why are you dragging me out unless there is a reason? So purely looking at it from that perspective it’s almost as if the whole world has come round to my way of thinking. Admittidley through a terrible tragedy. The only way I can compare it; is if you’ve ever seen a dear family friend or someone very close to you at a sad situation i.e. a funeral you might say “Well it’s great to see you; just a shame it’s under these circumstances’ that is what I meant by what I said before.

The other thing is, when the ‘rules’ were announced I almost had to laugh. NOT at the situation; that is very very upsetting and tragic, more the way it was phrased.

I’ll explain. If anyone knows anything about Autism they will understand what I mean.

“Avoid crowded places”

“Avoid unnecessary social contact”

“Only go out if you have a valid reason too”

That’s more or less how I live my life! Avoid crowded places? Avoid unnecessary social contact? Oh, so basically just carry on as normal! In a bizarre sort of way it’s almost as if all the struggles I’ve had the world has now come round to my way of thinking! Only, I am fully aware that once this terrible pandemic has been curbed, things will unfortunately go back to the Status Quo.

Now the down side. Well someone like myself thrives on routine. And, if nothing else my routine has been disturbed. Yes it’s great not having all those other distractions, sensory overload; too much going on. Not understanding the social cues people give out, the social interaction. But, through the help of certain organisations and services, I have managed to fill my week with activities and friends (something I didn’t know the concept off until my early 30’s)

So yes, it sounds very oxymoronic. But there is down sides and up sides to this self isolation (minus the health pandemic of course)

I suppose in many ways it’s just like life. It’s just been emphasised more and more given the current climate.

Nothing is clear cut. That is what often causes me so many issues. I love black and white, yes and no. Up and down. The world is though in many ways very grey. So yes there are set ‘rules’ but still a fair bit of grey exists.

I think no one ever summed this up more than Karen Carpenter. It was a song about love but to me, sums up autism so so well.

“I know I ask perfection in a quite imperfect world; and fool enough to think that’s what I’ll find”

None of us know how long this will all go on for. But if nothing else people are finding new things and new projects…….this very blog being one of them!

Now that’s a full circle right there!

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