The tingling sensation and the feather duster

Have you ever had a conversation and all of a sudden ‘feelings’ come into it? Where to me at least feelings have no relevance to said conversation. I’m meaning specifically to days of the week, time, or location. Now bear with me here I haven’t gone completely barking mad; well no more than I normally am!

I’ll give you an example. This can be any two people. Doesn’t even need to be someone important to you, A random stranger you meet at a bus stop and start up that thing they call ‘small talk’ an alien concept to me!

“What time is it?”


“Really? It doesn’t feel like it’s 9pm!”

Prey tell, what does 9pm feel like? Does 9pm have an emotional attachment? Is it only 9pm that does? Or is it also 9am? Or is every hour and every minute have an emotion attached to it as well?

At 9pm do you get a tingling sensation in one part or all of your body? Is that how you know it’s 9pm?

It can’t be 9pm because as I eluded too at 9pm I get a tingling sensation and I’ve not had that! So therefore it cannot be 9pm!

This might seem extreme to some; absurd to others but yes, yet again this is the process that’s in my head! I’m trying to think about all the above whilst also having a conversation. And, by the time I’ve processed all that the conversation has moved on and I’m still stuck there trying to figure out what it all meant!

“It is Tuesday today?”

“It is; all day!”

“It feels more like a Friday; has done all day!”

So, I take it on a Friday a man must be stood in the corner with a feather duster tickling you? That’s why it feels more like a Friday? And on any other day of the week that doesn’t happen. It helps in one way as that way you are 100% certain what day it is!

As I said before I might be going to the extreme here, but yes these are the thoughts that go through my head. I personally don’t know what a day feels like. Thank god (or whatever deity you choose) a certain chocolate bar didn’t have me on their marketing campaign. The advert might have been completely different as not as good to say the very least!

Yet another aspie rant! But hey your coming to enjoy them now! Main reason your here and if our laughter dies; yes you can laugh it is still allowed; then we haven’t got much left!

Until next time; take care and remember;

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine”

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